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Paper Circuit kit

Fun STEAM Learning and Building Kit. Color , Connect & Discover using Paper Circuit. Circuit Building With Art & Craft. Level Wise Lessons Plans to Explore the Child’s Creativity. A Combined Platform where Craft meets Electronic. Playing & Learning with Series & Parallel Connection. To buy –

TInker ‘N’ Design

A pen draws on paper by leaving ink where it touches the surface. The drawing remains just a 2D image of the object without any depth or height and can only stay on the paper. A ‘3D Pen’ is a tool that enables users to actually draw 3D figures in open air. The figures can …

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AgriTech Kit (Hardware)

The AgriTech kit is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) based device which can be used to monitor as well as to control the agricultural parameters such as, soil moisture, rainfall, air quality around the crops, temperature and humidity on the field. In addition, the kit contains the flame detector which detects if there is …

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Projects Gallery

Creativity sounds like a wonderful, magical trait but simply put, it can be called the problem-solving skill. Every single person is born a creative whether they realize it or not. Everyone has to face problems in their lives which they’ve never encountered before and come up with creative new solutions to overcome those challenges. This …

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